Saturday, May 17, 2008

Phase 1 = Shared Bike Lanes

After Bike to Work a few of us rolled and some of us rode to Bahnson to check out the new shared bike lanes. Cyclists will share this lane with parked cars. We only ran up on 1 parked car and the lane is wide enough where you do not need to jet out into the cager lane unless you are worried about getting doored. I don't think many cyclists or cagers really know what the white line is for so I hope the City gets some signs up soon to educate the masses. I believe Snakebite is working on posting more of the specifics on what kind of markings are being placed where. This is good start to getting more people to ride their bikes to work, to get groceries, to run errands. Sorry, gotta go ride my bike to another get together. Now - go ride your bike.