Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bunyan's to Bob's ride - I think I had a panic attack on this bridge

I don't know if this is the exact bridge I rode over on the Bunyan's to Bob's ride but it looks like it. I grabbed the picture from Ride Vermillion and he has a nice write up of the ride so I will keep my post specific to my own challenges.

After fighting the hills and crazy wind all day long and turning down the SAG 3 times I crossed this crazy bridge. The railing is so low, like 2 feet tall, a person can see the water as they ride on it and I felt that I could easily topple over the rail and fall to my death. The wind gusts felt like 50+ mph and then a Semi-truck approached me and whizzed my me. That was it. The wind and Semi-truck blew me around enough I had to get off the bike and let more cars whiz by. I was freaking out because I think I am afraid of heights since jumping out of a perfectly good plane about 5 years ago. Matt, the FAB VP, turned around and waited for me at the end of the bridge. I felt so embarrassed at the time but what hell, it's over and done with and I am human after all. 

What's the morale of the story. Don't jump out a perfectly good plane just to get an adrenalin rush. It may screw with your head for the rest of your life.

FOOTNOTE: When ordering a Corona on the post ride the bartender said, "This is Bunyan's, we don't have Corona". Sometimes we all have to adapt, overcome and improvise in life.