Saturday, May 24, 2008

"Creme Puff" has arrived

The touring bike finally arrived on Friday. I did not have time to play with it on Friday or Saturday morning as I attended the feeding frenzy bike ride to HuHot on Friday night and the coffee and donut ride on Saturday morning. Both were well attended which was nice to see even though it was kind of crappy outside.

Today I hit SnS to pick up 3 cages, 3 water bottles and some heat activated custom inserts. I also set up an appointment for an install of their high end Polar bike computer for the end of next week. I think I may have trimmed to much off the front of the inserts as the inserts do not cover the whole edges toward the front of the shoe. I am not sure how they will work as they have a lot of arch and I am of the archless breed. I also put on the new Speedplay frogs. It is going to take some getting used to on these. There is so my float that is feels sloppy and they were popping out on me. The ride to Luverne on Monday should be a good test for these. The only thing left is to order the Panniers and trunk bag pictured below.

So,  there you have it. One bike, using 3 bike shops to complete it. This is not my first bike that I've used 3 shops to complete a ride. You know me, I am trying to make everyone happy. Have a happy Memorial day everyone. Peace and Bike Love!